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CIMT 2023 Machine Fair
We will attend this Machine fair,  Welcome to visit our Booth  W4-B483 We are waiting for you there.
Industrial robot industry entered a period of rapid development
For years, China has been the number one industrial robotic application market in the world and one of the fastest growing industrial robots in the market. Recently, the reporter visited a number of l
The first Italian Machine Tool Industry Forum held in Beijing in cooperation between the two countries reached a new level
In order to promote the exchange and cooperation of China Machine Tool Industry, China Machine Tool Industry Association and the Italian Association of Machine Tool, Robotics and Automation System Man
From the CIMT2017 to see the development trend of domestic numerical control technology
At the 15th China International Machine Tool Exhibition (CIMT2017) held on April 17-22, 2017, well-known domestic and foreign machine tool manufacturers and CNC enterprises participated actively in th
2018 Intelligent Manufacturing Industry Outlook: Production of CNC machine tools is expected to continue to increase slightly, a
First, CNC machine tools: the industry is facing new opportunities, production is expected to continue to grow With the gradual advancement of Made in China 2025, new strategic needs and transitional
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